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If your air conditioning no longer cools effectively in your vehicle, it undoubtedly needs to be regassed (price for regas starts from $150). But regas will only temporarily fix the problem, because the refrigerant in your car/bus/truck aircon system doesn’t get used up for no reason. There is possibility a leak in your A/C system. Other reasons for A/C not working could be blown fuse or a wiring problem, blockage, loss of lubrication or use of the wrong type of lubricant, and low system pressure, etc. However, it’s difficult to diagnose the problem without seeing your vehicle. Contact us at your earliest convenience, and we’ll figure out the problem and fix it for you at a competitive price.

Most manufacturers recommend that you service or regas your car’s air conditioning every 1-2 years. This depends on the type of vehicle and how it’s used. However, it’s more important that you have the air-con serviced, and inspected thoroughly regularly. The refrigerant in your vehicle’s air-con system doesn’t get used up, over the years some of the gas can permeate through the hoses, or holes can develop, which caused leakage in your A/C system. A regas service will give the system with fresh lubricating oil for the compressor and remove damaging moisture and contaminates to extend the life of your system.

Schedule a routine service by a certified car A/C technician at least once a year, even if the system seems to work fine. Regular inspection and service keeps the aircon operating at peak efficiency. Not only will it help prevent a costly car air-con repair in the future, it also increases gas mileage, improve air quality, and give you a more comfortable drive.

Make sure you use your air conditioning all year around, change the air filter on regular basis, keep the condenser located in the front of the radiator clear of leaves & dirt. This makes the a/c run more efficiently. Use an anti-bacterial clean if you notice any musty smells from the vents.

If your vehicle won’t start, the most likely causes could be mechanical or electrical or both. The potential electrical causes are problems with the starter motor, battery or alternator. It’s difficult to diagnose the source without seeing your truck. Contact us at your earliest convenience, and we’ll identify the problem and fix it for you at a competitive price.

If you notice a squealing sound that gets progressively louder, then worn alternator bearings or a worn alternator belt may be to blame. It’s important that you have this fixed or replaced as soon as possible to prevent stalling and further damage. Contact us at your earliest convenience, and we’ll diagnose the problem and fix it for you at a competitive price.

Truck alternators last about 5 to 8 years but it can depend on different factors. Keep an eye out for signs that it might need replacing such as flickering headlights from bright to dim, an electrical burning smell, or a lighted alternator warning light. If there’s a problem with your alternator, the electrical components stop working and dashboard light may also come on. If any of these happened, contact us at your earliest convenience. We’ll replace the alternator for you at a competitive price.

The most common faults are battery issues (such as weak battery, broken or poor wiring connection, dirty or corroded battery terminals), a worn starter motor, or sticking starter switch. Employ a qualified auto electrician to investigate the cause of the fault, and replace battery every 12-18 months no matter what condition of the battery. The start motor will last longer thus, avoid costly repair in the future.

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