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Heavy Duty Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning

Mobile Auto A/C Repair and Servicing

Whether you need auto aircon leak detection, a aircon regas or just a service to keep your car, bus or truck air-con working properly, we can help. Our staff are experts in detecting and repairing all kinds of A/C and electrical problems, which is why we’re the top truck and earthmover air conditioning specialist on the Gold Coast. Contact our professional team for air-con repair or service with your:
aircond control in a vehicle
Truck front panel with ac outlet

Air Conditioning Service, Installation, and Repairs for Passenger Vehicles

Passenger vehicles like 4WDs, buses, and coaches need to be relied upon to carry people where they want to go safely.
And in Australia’s hot climate, good air-con is absolutely essential and not only for comfort either.
Uncomfortable drivers are unsafe drivers, so you need to make sure that the A/C in your 4WD or bus is running properly.  

That’s where our highly trained, experienced auto electricians can give you the solutions you need.
Our auto aircon mobile services can help keep you and your passengers cool when you’re on the road.

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Bus Air Conditioning Servicing / Van Air Conditioning Servicing

Servicing the air-con in your buses, coaches, vans or 4WDs is essential for efficiency and safety. When the air conditioning isn’t working right, it will affect your comfort, safety, and even your wallet.

Here’s how:

  • Your A/C is the best way to demist foggy windows, which means it’s essential in winter.
  • If filters or other components are damaged it can cause long term and very expensive damage to your entire system.
  • In Australian summers, efficient A/C is essential for your comfort.
  • A faulty air conditioner can put extra strain on your engine.

If it’s been a while since you’ve taken your van, bus or coach fleet for an aircon regas on the Gold Coast, call our experienced technicians today. We stock an enormous range of auto ac parts for every make and model 4WD, van, bus, or coach. So, no matter what the problem, our mobile team can fix it.

Does your Aircon Need Servicing?

You might not think about the air-con in your vehicles until it gets really hot. By the time that happens, you might have done costly damage to your engines. Learn to recognise the signs of a problem before that happens. Here are some hints that your aircon needs work:

Slow window demisting.

Rattling or other noises when you turn on the air conditioner.

Weak airflow from the vents.

Water on your mat.

Unpleasant or burning smells when you turn on the air conditioner.

Our mobile servicing team have all the equipment and technical knowledge to perform a range of auto aircon troubleshooting, repairs, and services.
So, call us today and get back on the road fast.

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Air Conditioning Repair and Service for Trucks & Heavy Machinery

We’re one of the most dedicated auto electricians on the Gold Coast when it comes to large vehicle and prime mover aircon work because we understand the demands of your business.

There are hundreds of reasons why the A/C in your van, truck or heavy machinery may not be working at 100 percent. And our team has the experience and the know-how to work figure it out and fix it fast.

You need to keep moving. And that’s why we offer a complete range of fast and mobile heavy machinery and truck air conditioning system troubleshooting and repairs. We’ve invested in technicians, parts, and techniques that will keep you moving.

We’re the mobile service and repair source for your:

  • Prime movers
  • Commercial and heavy truck
  • Truck sleeper ac units
  • Earth Moving machinery
  • Light Commercial vans and utilities
  • Other heavy vehicles
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Truck, Earthmover Mobile Air Conditioning Service

We offer a full range of air-con mobile services for van and truck at your home or worksite including:

  • Scheduled Inspections and Servicing.
  • Heavy machinery aircon diagnosis.
  • Regas air-con.
  • Aircon system flushing.
  • Truck A/C compressor repair and replacement.
  • Hose crimping and replacement.
  • Odour removal
  • Install, repair, and service roof mounted and back wall air conditioning units 

So, whether you need a truck a/c regas or just a service to keep your system in good shape, let us keep you on the road. Call us today for a service, repair, or aircond regassing price. 

Truck air conditioning compressor

Why Service and Repair?

Heavy machinery and trucks are expensive to buy, which is why you need to keep up with your maintenance. Performing regular maintenance on your heavy machinery or semi-truck air-con may not seem worth the effort, but it’s essential in the long term.

Here are some of the costs of neglecting A/C services and repair in your heavy machinery:

  • Without aircon, your own or your employees’ health and work will suffer in the hot summer heat.
  • Faulty air-con can strain your engines, leading to costly repairs.
  • A small fault today can turn into a big, expensive one in the future.

Keep your trucks and heavy machinery in good shape in both winter and summer.
Call the heavy machinery experts for repairs or servicing today.